Lighting Audit Services is a USGBC Member
Lighting Audit Services is an IES Sustaining Member
AB1103 - Lighting Audit Services

Lighting Audit Services, Inc. - (LASI)

LASI is an independent lighting audit and analysis company. We believe the lighting audit is the foundation of every project and we are dedicated to thoroughness and accuracy.

We understand that material cost and labor cost estimates are based on the audit. We understand that schedules, profits, reputations, client satisfaction and energy savings are all based on the audit.

We provide a detailed room-by-room analysis custom tailored to your needs. We work with you on each and every application. We strive to give you confidence in the foundation of your lighting project, to reduce costly change orders and create a lighting environment suitable to your objectives.

Since 2002 Lighting Audit Services has been responsible for over 125 million square feet of lighting audits in 20 states for our clients.

LASI now offers Energy Benchmarking Services in all 50 states. This virtual energy audit is a low cost first step in the energy audit process and is required by law in may cities and states.

Californias AB1103 Energy Use Disclosure Program

Effective January 1st 2014, all commercial buildings 10,000 sq ft and above that are being bought or sold, refinanced or leased as a whole must perform energy benchmarking and disclose their energy usage... (more)

Lighting Surveys / Lighting Audits / Energy Audits

With the help of LASI you can custom tailor your lighitng audit to meet your needs. Lighting Audit Services, Inc. also offers Energy Benchmarking Services... (more)

LED Lighting

Lighting Audit Services, Inc. (LASI) has partnered with Energy Innovation Group, Inc. (EIG), Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and the California Hotels and Lodging Association (CHLA) to create the Trade Association Double Rebate LED Program... (more)

Energy Benchmarking

Lighting Audit Services, Inc. uses the nations’ largest building database to provide energy benchmarking services to our clients.Building energy benchmarking is a process of documenting a buildings energy use patterns, analyzing its utility bills and comparing it to similar buildings... (more)


An example of some of the millions of square feet Lighting Audit Services, Inc. has successfully audited over the past decade... (more)

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Brian Bridges at Lighting Audit Services, Inc.